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BWI is pleased to announce a new partnership with PAXARMS New Zealand! PAXARMS specializes in the remote injection of animals, as well as being the world pioneer in the development and realization of a complete animal (land and marine) biopsy system. PAXARMS has been an active contributor to the scientific community in both research and development for nearly 60 years making the PAXARMS system an international standard in it’s field. BWI is the exclusive North America distributor of PAXARMS products. These systems are extremely accurate and are a great tool for studying wild free-ranging animal populations. They can also be fitted with a 'gun cam' to capture the entire process for training and research purposes.
Images below show a close-up of the darts administered by the PAXARMS system containing the antibiotics. The darts disconnected with the animal after a day. Images taken by researchers working under a permit issued by NOAA/NMFS.
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Video of Researchers from NOAA and WHOI delivering antibiotics to a mother and calf humpback whale in the Sacramento River with a PAXARMS remote drug delivery system. Video and research conducted under applicable NOAA/NMFS permits.